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Pricing Cloud Certificatoin

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Oracle Pricing Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist

An Oracle Pricing Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to create and manage price lists, costs lists, tiers and matrices, pricing charge definitions and parameters.  Individuals who earn this certification are able to create and maintain pricing algorithms, service mappings, and matrix classes.

This practice quiz cover below exams

  1. 1Z0-1026

Exam Topics

Oracle Fusion Pricing Overview

  • Describe Pricing components
  • Describe the flow used by Pricing to determine the net price of an Item
  • Explain Pricing setup pre-requisites

Price Lists, Cost Lists, Discount Lists, Shipping Charge Lists, and Currency Conversion Lists

  • Manage Price Lists
  • Manage Cost Lists
  • Describe Cost Plus Pricing
  • Manage Discount Lists
  • Manage Shipping Charge Lists
  • Manage Tiers and Matrices
  • Export a Price List
  • Import a Price List

User Interfaces

  • Manage Pricing Totals
  • Manage Pricing Result Presentations
  • Describe Pricing Messages and Message Tokens
  • Explain Pricing Lookups and Descriptive Flexfields

Profiles, Segments and Strategies

  • Describe how Profiles, Segments, and Strategies integrate
  • Describe Pricing Profiles
  • Describe Pricing Segments
  • Describe Pricing Strategies
  • Create Pricing Rules and a Price Matrix
  • Assign Pricing Strategies

Pricing Administration

  • Manage Pricing Charge Definitions
  • Manage Pricing Elements
  • Manage Pricing Bases
  • Manage Pricing Parameters
  • Manage Rounding Rules
  • Explain Rounding Rule Types
  • Explain the methods to create Price Lists

Pricing Algorithms, Service Mappings, and Matrix Classes

  • Explain the Pricing Architecture
  • Explain Pricing Algorithms
  • Manage Pricing Matrix Types
  • Manage Pricing Process Assignments
  • Modify Pricing Algorithm Variables
  • Manage Service Mappings
  • Manage Matrix Classes
  • Use the Price Request Service
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Course Features

  • Students 8 students
  • Max Students100
  • Duration5 week
  • Skill levelbeginner
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course50


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