Cloud Customer Experience

Engage your consumers where they already are

Makes it easy for businesses to sell products and answer questions in the world’s most popular messaging channels.

Your brand’s website or mobile app

Expand the functionality of your website or mobile app with native messaging capability. Help consumers get answers to questions when they’re browsing your products or services before they make a purchase without requiring them to pick up the phone and wait on hold. Businesses using chat and messaging on their websites are seeing 3x the number of conversions.

Proactive two-way SMS messaging

Brands can send consumers outbound messages on channels like SMS and WhatsApp to initiate marketing and customer care conversations.

Instead of relying on low conversion emails, or one-way messages that drive consumers to web pages or phone calls, Proactive Messaging allows consumers to respond to marketing campaigns and customer care alerts directly within the same conversation. This results in higher conversion rates, fewer calls and operational costs, and rich messaging experiences that increase consumer satisfaction.

Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat enables millions of consumers to start a conversation with your brand directly from Safari, Siri, Search, and Maps. And with rich messaging capabilities, your brand can showcase products, process transactions and more — directly in Apple’s Messages app.


Capitalize on your social presence and turn fans and followers into buyers. Now you can bring public posts and private messages into the developed platform to manage alongside the rest of your messaging channels — making it easy to monetize social interactions directly in a conversation instead of driving them to your website or to a phone call. Keep customers happy and maintain your brand image in the eyes of billions of Facebook users.


The public nature of customer care on Twitter drastically impacts how users feel about your brand. Now you can bring tweets and DMs into the developed platform to manage alongside all of your other messaging channels. Prioritize high-value social interactions based on a customer’s follower count and activity to boost CSAT and brand perception in this very public arena.


Expand your international reach using WhatsApp — the most popular messaging app in the world. Users from all over the globe can seamlessly sync conversations to both their mobile and desktop — keeping you top of mind on multiple consumer devices.

Google RBM

Tap into an upgraded SMS experience that includes branding, rich media, interactivity and analytics. With Google RBM, businesses can bring branded, interactive mobile experiences to the native messaging app on billions of Android devices.


Email conversations are slow, expensive to manage and have one of the lowest CSATs of any communication channel. Every email agents send includes an option for the consumer to instantly transfer into a messaging channel of their choice with the click of a button – leading to quicker resolution and greater satisfaction.

Google AdLingo

Engage with your consumers across the web using conversations – the most intuitive, personal way of interacting. Develop platform connects with Google’s AdLingo to allow brands to get more from their marketing and advertising spend by creating two-way personalized conversations with consumers across the Google display network. Consumers simply click on the display ads to begin conversations with your brand and move them further through the sales funnel.

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